How the evaluation version works

In unlicensed (evaluation) mode VisiMap Professional offers the whole feature set, except for the following restrictions:

  • Printed pages bear the words “For evaluation purposes only”, and
  • It will cease to function 60 days after you first install it on your system.

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Evaluation version file size : 17.3 MB

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The VisiMap Professional 4.2 user guide is available here:


The user guide file download size is approximately 735 Kb, and consists of a zipped archive containing a PDF document of around 80 pages. You will need a PDF reader (such as the Adobe Reader) installed on your system to read the document.

Additional resources

A guide to using Visimap Professional 4.2. You must have Visimap Professional installed on your system to use this guide. File size : 3.1meg

You can view the online version here : Online guide
20 Visimap Professional templates you can use to get started. You must have Visimap Professional installed on your system to use these templates. File size : 650kB